SPARK IMAGINATION: Let's Get Our Kids Outside!

Did you know only 50% of preschoolers spend time outside each day? Together, we can change that!

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Healthier bodies, sharper minds, happier hearts - just by being a kid?!

Did you know fewer than 50% of preschoolers spend time outside each day?

...Or that the average 8-18 year old spends more than 7 hours a day on a screen?

...Or that adults spend less time outdoors each day that they do in their cars?

But TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THAT by starting at the beginning... with our kids!

The Children's Garden at McKee Botanical Garden has been designed as a safe, child-centric space in nature in which kids can play freely on their own while exploring and discovering nature in their own ways. We believe the Children's Garden will serve as a model for other organizations throughout the world interested in joining the movement to get kids back outside. The list of positive impacts that free play in nature can offer children is long and well-backed by research from throughout the world.

But it's up to us to encourage them to put down the screens and get out there! Their imaginations will be sparked and their creativity enhanced as they experience the wonders of nature in their own ways, at their own paces, and through their own eyes... side by side with others their age.

Honor the little ones in your life by making a gift today...

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